Fil-Am boy launches, signs his books at Barnes & Noble

Alex and Ethel Quintos of Bloomfield, New Jersey are both proud and excited that their youngest son, 6-year-old Jan has published a book.

Jan Alexander Quintos

A book launch and an autograph signing session happened at Barnes & Noble in Clifton last April 28 for the book “I Am Jan Alexander,” written and illustrated by Jan, who is in kindergarten.

The book has three short stories with illustrations on every page which Jan himself had sketched.

Jan is the youngest among their three siblings, following Alexa, 13 and Josh, 7.

“It’s all about a day in school, going on a vacation and getting lost in a zoo,” Jan said as he talked about his book, adding that he likes both drawing and writing stories.

He fondly remembers the April 28 Barnes & Noble event. “So much people came and I signed their books,” Jan said.

Alex and Ethel with their son Jan 

Alex revealed that it was Alexa who has compiled about 45 pages of text and when he saw her writings, he asked her if she wanted to publish it so the family could have it as a souvenir.

“She said no right away. Jan heard it and said he has a lot of stories and drawings and he wanted to put them in a book,” Alex shared. “I didn’t take it seriously because he is only six years old.”

Alex soon realized how much Jan wanted it when his son would call him on his phone, ask when he’d be home, followed with a question on when will he have his book. Alex then asked around and found a publisher in Ex-Libris. He emailed the publishers, sent the manuscript and illustrations and got the book published.

“I’m very proud, hilig na niya talagang mag draw even before pa,” Jan’s mom Ethel said.

Aside from writing and drawing, Jan is also into basketball and playing drums and piano, which comprise his daily routine as a kid. He also wanted to do karate but Alex and Ethel said no because he already has too much on his plate.

There are more books being planned, including a sketch book and a coloring book. In fact, Jan’s second book is already in the works and this time, it’s called “Have You Seen Jacob?”

This book has three stories as well, about how to eat fruits and vegetables, all about gym and tablet, each one with a lesson for kids. 

“We’re very happy with the overwhelming support, specially at the Barnes & Noble signing. We had friends and family but we saw a lot of strangers as well,” Alex said.

As parents, the couple said they’re there for their kids to support and guide. “Whatever makes them happy, we’re here. Mahirap pilitin kapag hindi gusto,” Alex said.

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